Sunburn May 1, 2004

I had made it to Mirani, finally! This day felt like the kilometers were ambling by. I had received the worst sunburn of my life on my left shoulder, as it was the only part of my body exposed to the scorching sun for lord knows how many hours. Ouch. There could not be any relief from the pain except time. Also, I vowed never expose my skin to the sun ever again!

The good news was that I had given myself one more day of riding ahead, and then I would rest for a couple of days. I had decided not to cycle from Sarina to Rockhampton. I realized I didn’t like my own company enough to spend a week with myself in a virtual desert.

And that’s the thing about isolation. It’s one thing to go without the company of other human beings. It’s quite another to take on such a seemingly monumental task without someone cheering you on in real time. On top of that, I would’ve given anything for the company of a squirrel, or a bird.  At times, I felt so completely deprived of any kind of company that it was too much to bear.

Aside from the blazing hot sun, the headwind, the hills and the complete isolation, the ride didn’t go too badly, in comparison to the other days. I had ridden in some of the most beautiful countryside, with green pastures and perfect flowing grass. Horses were frolicking in the hills.

God damn. Why did it have to be so exhausting?


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