May 4, 2004

I’m tired of writing in the past tense. Here’s the exact wording from my diary.

I screwed up my bike in the process of disassembling it for the bus (of course), so now my front brakes are screwed, in that they don’t break. I spent $11 on a cab to get to a caravan park in Rockhampton as it was nighttime and my bike was in pieces. When I got there, it was $17 just to pitch up a tent! Obviously the receptionist saw that I was distressed at this news, so she gave me my own caravan with my own bed, running water and a kitchen for the same price. She didn’t stop there though. She and another woman who wored there lent me tolls to fix up my bike (though it didn’t do any good since I now realize I suck at fixing bikes) and went out of their way to make me feel comfortable.

This morning at I spent an hour pedaling my bike around the town looking for a bike mechanic, which is hard to achieve with any kind of success at 6:30am.  I finally managed to find an auto mechanic open at that time in the morning and he fixed my brakes in 5 seconds. I only wished I had remembered to bring my wallet to give him something for his help.

I met two raod workers on petrole, patching up potholes between Rockhampton and Gladstone. We kept passsing each other for hours. We had lunch at a BP station about 30km south of Rockhampton. One of the guys was 43 and had never been outside of Queensland! We continued to pass each other for about 40km. I was just 15km outside of Mr Larcom, which was where I had intended on staying the night, when the two workers offered me a lift to Gladstone. I offered to buy them a Stacy to message his mom to phone me, but I knew he would get home until late at night. I managed to pedal 5km to the nearest caravan park where the owner gave me a lift to Gladstone. Now I am staying at a Backpackers at a whooping $22 a night. Bt, I did manage to get a hold of Stacy, who got a hold of his parents, who got a hold of me. So I get to meet them tomorrow. Stacy gave me a hug over the phone and I knew he was giving me one before he even said so. I miss him.

Today has been such a great day. I am so aware of just how kind people can be. I’ve gotten 3 offers of a lift today, discouts, help with my broken bike several times. The only bad thing that happened to me today was having a far too close encounter with a semi-truck. He did not give a dam. that was scary. I had only about a foot between me and him. WTF?


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