How not to ask someone out via text messages

Okay folks. This is how not to ask a person out. The following text messages are from my own cell phone with a man I met while doing my job in Ottawa. I gave him my phone number so that he could order the product I was trying to sell him the next time he was in Montreal.

Him: Hello, this is Sean, you met me at the auto garage yesterday… We talked about your makeup…

Me: Hello Sean. How are you?

Him: I’m am good! It was a pleasure meeting you. So where are you today?

Me: I’m in Montreal but I’m not working until Friday as I am ill. Were you planning to make a trip out here?

Him: Oh, sorry to hear  you are not feeling well… It looks like I will come in for the 30th…

Me: Okay. I’ll put it into my calendar. Let me know if things change.

Him: Hi Lee, does you product have a website?

Me: I’m selling the Personalized custom compact for $__+ tax. I’m giving away with it ____, _____ and _____. Bonus is _____ for $10.

Him: Yes I remember. I like the deal.

When I come into town I do business for sure. But I also like to play and I go to a special club with a good friend of mine. And I wonder if you would like to come along?!


Me: Hey Sean. Sorry I’ve been away from my phone. Sure let me know when you’re in town.

Him: I hope you are feeling better today…

I love your openness. however, I think I should elaborate on the nature of the evening… The club is an environment where you can explore your desires, thoughts, fantasies, and fetishes…My friend and I like to dress primarily in leather, and watch the evening unfold… We have always wanted another beautiful woman to join us for the evening… I am not sure you are into any of this, but you don’t know until you ask. I hope I didn’t offend you… We are honest, caring, and sincere people…

Me: Hi Sean. No, it doesn’t hurt to ask. I’m pretty conservative and am not into clubbing but I’m not offended by your asking. I wouldn’t be interested in that.

Him: Hi. Thank you for being honest and open… I am curious, are you single?

Me: No Sean, I am not single. I would appreciate it if these questions ceased as they are making me uncomfortable. Thank you.

Him: Ok, for sure…


I’ll admit: the blogger in me screamed for me to continue the conversation in order to gain awesome blog content. But I’d like to believe that I am a mature being and a person who is not afraid to set boundaries. Folks:

-it’s okay to have fetishes. 

-it’s okay to try to figure out if the object of your desire is single or not but

 -there are more subtle ways of going about it!  

What sane person would go to a fetish nightclub with strangers from Ottawa who wear leather? 

 Certainly not this girl. 




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