Vancouver police arrest buskers and confiscate instruments

Yep. I heard through the grape vine – anyone who knows the Vancouver freestyle rapper Un-1  – that Vancouver police are actually arresting musicians and confiscating their instruments. From a post on Un-1’s timeline:

“We need to rise as a generation and take responsibility to change our world. Police are arresting musicians in Vancouver now and confiscating instruments. The message made clear, no microphones, no crowds, no fun city. “- Un-1

Bagpipes and tambourines and other percussive instruments? Banned. Those musicians who play such instruments are no longer issued busking permits. Oh, and you can forget about amplification too.

This bylaw not only outraged music lovers and musicians, but even the Vancouver mayor himself. Seriously? Vancouver? Are you really that uncool?

There are other countries that do this too. In Britain, Bongo-player Graeme Conway was banned from busking in Newcastle for “annoying residents and businesses with relentless rhythms.” Apparently he made customers want to groove more than shop.

What do you think? Do you think the City of Vancouver has taken things too far?


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