10 reasons you suck at changing the world into a better place.

Statistics show that 100% of humans get angry in their lifetime.

Here are 10 reasons you suck at changing the world.

1)You didn’t bother to sign that petition your friend emailed you/posted on Facebook/twittered etc. In the age of ever increasing download speeds, people just won’t sign something that takes more than 5 seconds to load and costs more than 1 click. I remember when we had dial up – kids younger than 20 might not even know what that is – and when we went cable, oh boy, a ten second page load was like a boy getting a boner for the first time : unexpected, shocking and yet absolutely delightful at the same time.  Now  10 seconds takes too long. We have become a generation of the lazy ass privileged kind who can’t remember when getting stuff done BEFORE the digital age actually took a Really. Long. Time. Suck it up. Sign that petition next time you see it.

2) You didn’t forward that petition you just signed. Petitions should go viral people.

3) You purchase products that are produced unethically. This has to be the HUGEST voting power and one that can make the MOST difference.  Whatever you buy, counts as a vote, creates a demand, and where there is a demand, there will be those who will meet that demand. Factory farmed meat, blood diamonds, slave farmed cotton, animal tested cosmetics, sex slavery, mercury infused light bulbs, pesticide farming – the list goes on and on. Put your money where your beliefs lie.

4) You pollute the air, litter sidewalks, dump trash in the ocean, leave cigarette butts on the ground that cause fires. It’s not that hard to hold onto that empty juice bottle until you find a rubbish bin for it. If you litter, you’re lazy, and the litter gets washed away into the drains and eventually oceans, where it contaminates and harms wildlife, some of which we eat. Speaking of wildlife….

5) You treat nature as if it was of lesser status than humans. This is a human problem of believing that any thing that does not behave in a similar way as humans is therefore unintelligent, and you assume that not having intelligence must mean not having emotions therefore it’s okay to abuse them or turn a blind eye to their abuse. Here’s the thing: without animals, plants, fish, insects, we would be dead. Our existence depends on THEM and THEIR well being, not the other way around. What would happen if all the  humans in the world perished? The world would bloom and be healthy again. If we truly want world peace, we have to suck it up and include ALL of earth’s citizens in the respecting process, not just the human race.

6) You’re not open to “radical” ideas or changes, like:

  • universal healthcare
  • free university for all!
  • voting on policies, not parties
  • world peace
  • putting girls in school
  • clean energy
  • electric cars

7) You blame others for your problems (I realize this is rich coming from an article telling you that you suck). Atheists blaming religion. Religion blaming other religions. Bosses blaming employees. Spouses blaming each other. When has blaming, in the course of history, ever solved anything? Take responsibility for your own crap. 90% of the time, the reason you’re in your current situation is because of how you’ve chosen to react to the 10% of what you can’t control. You can’t always control what life throws at you. What you can do is control how you react to it.

8) You discourage other people’s dreams. It’s sad, but true: most people will discourage dreams, without even thinking about it. Dreams are precious and fragile when they are new. The person who encourages these “crazy” dreams stand out like a beacon of light from the rest of the haters. Unless a person is doing something illegal and unethical, you don’t have to agree with what they are doing, but you can support them by keeping your mouth shut whenever you have something negative to say about what they are doing.

9) You discriminate and judge. We are all guilty of this one.

10) You sit back and do nothing.

There’s one thing that all of these have in common, and that is, in order to change the world, you have to start with yourself. Be the change you wish to see in the world. There’s a lot of crap going on in the world. Perhaps there always will be: it’s overwhelming. What we can do is not let evil win.


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