Hi, my name is Lee Gellatly and I am the founder of Tao Tao Magazine. This magazine allows me and my friends to write about current health trends and living the life that you want.

I grew up on the west coast of Canada on the ever beautiful Quadra Island. After high school, I couldn’t wait to get out of the country and travel. Not go to school and waste money trying to figure out what I wanted to do.

I traveled for 5 years consecutively. Then came back to Vancouver to study music, which did not land me a job, but that was a good thing, because it forced me to think as an entrepreneur.

I started teaching piano from home and got a taste of what life was like earning money on my own terms – no boss, employer, set schedule. And then I found out about amazing tax benefits as a self employed person. Unfortunately, teaching piano was not something that was flexible for traveling, and certainly not bringing in income I could retire on.

I moved to Montreal completely on faith and uncertainty, because I wasn’t developing as a person in Vancouver. Or maybe I was, and came to the realization that I would always have a poor mindset if I stayed. I booked a one way ticket to Montreal in August of 2012.

I am now doing everything in my power to grow as a person and have abundance in my life. But not only for myself: if I can help even one person to have the abundance in their own life, then that would be the best thing ever. I hope that this magazine will help contribute to that.

I live in Montreal, Canada at the moment, but I’ve been to so many other countries, I could be in Brazil in a few years. Who knows.


Lee Gellatly


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